A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You have five hours (five minutes) until the morning to locate a way to escape from two zones, which have been overrun by zombies. Gather loot, sneak around and avoid fighting or go in guns blazing. It's your choice. Your ultimate objective is to get out of this hell and into the Military Base.

Virus scan (.rar file): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b11a555ee9c87690e7910b21cd8d6eaa1451925e4011a70d639fbf6aacffdb4e/detection

- Randomly selected city layouts,
- 12 Trophies (via Game Jolt API),
- Hi-Score System (via Game Jolt API),
- Equipment system,
- 6 guns that you can find while looting,
- A bit of humour in this grim world full of zombies,
- Level Editor (make your own maps!),
- Custom languages (official include English, Polish),
- Different types of enemies (not only zombie, but SUPER-SPECIAL MUTATED ZOMBIE).

More features and a detailed description are coming soon, so stay tuned and follow our game.

Social Media:

- Game Discord: https://discord.gg/nAJzKKq
- Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyberevolver
- Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CyberevolverStudios

Game made by Cyberevolver_Studios:

  • Main Programmer: Biegus (Michał Biegaj).
  • (Junior) Programmer and Main Designer: TheMatiaz0 (Mateusz Kusionowicz) 
  • Graphic Designer and Game Designer: w4ty (creator of previous STZ) [Bruno T.].
  • Graphic Designer: Alias (Jakub Kartkowski).
  • Level Designer: Lo0 (Piotr M.)


5 Minutes to Survive The Zombies 1.0.5 (.rar) 82 MB
5 Minutes to Survive The Zombies 1.0.5 (.zip) 87 MB
5 Minutes to Survive The Zombies (Linux, 1.0.5).zip 76 MB

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